Funny Fives

The new money is quite different than the old. While a time traveller could use 1930's move in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even 90's; in the 21st century money has become quite colorful. I told people that in the future I saw purple money. Take a long look at the old greenbacks and now we find that our money is a colorful candy color currency. It feels as real as play money from a game.

In fact, using HDR assisted astral time travel a person would see that money in the future looks quite different than now.

Rather than looking like now, it is strange, like the funny fives we now use. Steven Gibbs told me that money in the future looks fake as can be - and he called it - funny money... He said that it looks like monopoly money like the orangeback ten, this bill is orange instead of green. I wonder why we went from old reliable greenback to the new orangeback. This could be part of the reason for our economic crisis. People have lost faith in money and the system that is built around it.

With banks folding and the stock market crashing our money no longer inspires us as before. It feels so fake like it is not real, like a plastic rock that is hollow inside. This explains why the banks fail. As people sell dollars and buy gold which is solid and heavy, the country begins to rip apart. If you wonder why, take a look at the funny fives that are purple.

CarlosX reports on the future of world news and gives us a report on what can soon take place.



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