Future news

Future news

Using the power of HDR assisted astral time travel we can see further down the road than most. It is like turning on the high beam. Still, not every shadow is a danger, many are simply just that shadows, but we are alerted to obstacles in our path by focusing on our long road ahead. The direction we take now will map out our future progress.

While much of the focus is on economic crisis and the disruption of global markets, some emphasis must be placed on thing we must do now so that we can survive. The dangers ahead are many, but they are not so terrible so that we cannot plan ahead and confront them. Focusing on our future will allow us to have better lives. Every man must have a plan. The days that are far off may seem like a dream, but they can turn into a nightmare if we do not prepare for them.

Road map to the future


Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR is my favorite tool to forecast the future. I use astral time travel to focus on future events and how they will affect us. Projections of how things will shape out are based on information obtained from the astral realm. The ability to view what takes place tomorrow is very important to me. Without detailed data on future events it is difficult to plan ahead for what is coming.

My goal is to identify patterns and trend that will shape life in the future. To see how these forces will move forward technology in exciting new directions. The future news will be made available now. This is not the same as lucid dreaming, that is a different technique, but you are able to see events that will take place.


CarlosX reports on future world news and gives us an update on what will soon happen.



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