HDR Electromagnet

HDR electromagnet components

HDR Electromagnet

Here is a movie of an HDR using an electromagnet. The HDR takes 115V AC and rectified it to DC and sends it to the electromagnet with is a seven inch iron core with two hundred feet of copper magnet wire wrapped around it. This allow the HDR to create a powerful magnetic field that is demonstrated in the movie. See how an HDR electromagnet is used.

Also in the next section we will view how an HDR electromagnet is made to connect to the box. This is through a power cord that is attached via banana plug adapters to the HDR unit.

Watch HDR via Steven Gibbs in Game Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

HDR Specifications/Technical Details:

HDR has two 50K potentiometers

Three Switches {power, stabilizer, amp}

 Time Coils


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