jamie is gay

Why is jamie from Harvest Moon Magical Melody gay?

Perhaps, I am wrong. Still this character will marry both a man or a woman. That seems suspicious to me. Also, he has an attitude that is very gay.

jamie is gay

People, I believe that jamie is very gay. This person will marry both male and female characters so bi is a better name. Still, if you are a boy and jamie does marry you. Well, jamie wears a dress to the marriage ceremony. Anatomically jamie does not have breasts or features of a woman.

Therefore, it is my conclusion that jamie is a homosexual gay man. Here is evidence to support this thesis of mine.

OK is jamie gay?

1. First off, jamie lives in a well decorated purple house with a purple fence all around it.  People are not allowed into that house, because it probably has a collection of drag queen dresses and rainbow colored pride flags.

2. If you give jamie a blue feather he will marry you. Also, if you are a boy he wears a white dress and kisses you. He wears a tiara like  a queen.

you can marry gay jamie Well, I believe that  the flamboyant farmer jamie from Harvest Moon Magical Melody is gay.

Actually, jamie is the harvest goddess' son. She is a fairy with wings. Then again, so is HE or perhaps she is a better pronoun. Although we never see jamie's wings. HAH, he is so gay he looks like he going to fly away,

Steven Gibbs  says that um jamie reminds him of Terry Gibbs his cousin. That guy is over the top gay, He has many of the same mannerisms. In fact, the two are almost the same. What can we say on jamie. He is so gay.

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