Lincoln Fuses

Lincoln fuse is a penny.

What is a Lincoln fuse? Well, back in the bad old days before circuit breakers people used these round things called fuses. From which we get such colorful expression as "He blew a fuse" and using Lincoln fuses. Because fuses cost money some people would put a penny in the fuse box. These fuses never blow out.

Nowadays money looks funny. Yes like that play money from the toy store. In fact it  looks like monopoly money as in an orangeback ten, You know the new ten spot that is orange instead of green.

Remember, in the future certain expression we now have like "Bright as a burnt out light bulb" make no sense because they use LED lights that last 100,000 hours. However, back in the bad old days people used cheap Edison light bulbs that burn out in less than 100 hours, so having to change a light bulb was almost a weekly chore. Sadly, the people of the far future will have trouble understanding our slang the way we have trouble with 50's slang.

CarlosX sees future of world news and gives us a special report so stay tuned.



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