50's Time Travel movies

There are three movies that I like about time travel back to the 1950's. they are "Back to the Future" (my favorite), "Pleasantville", and "Peggy Sue Got Married". So take a trip back in time with these fun movies. You get a free short VOD clip of each.


This movie is about a boy Marty McFly that goes from 1985 back to 1955. The comedy is that he causes all kinds of changes in his mom, dad, even his friend Dr. Emmet Brown who builds the time machine. It stars Michael J Fox as Marty McFly the time travel kid, C as mad scientist Dr. Emmet Brown, and Crispin Glover as the nerd dad.

Steven Gibbs is not Dr. Emmet Brown, but he did travel at 88mph with a flux cap in his car, but he did tell me that the shock almost caused him to crash the car.

The Flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible according to Dr. Brown. We get a wild ride back in 1955, but the 50's has an 80ish feel to it. The school bully Biff Tanon is a card board cut out, still the nerdy father George McFly is a hoot. This movie is fun and ends on a good note.



Is a movie about a brother and a sister from the 90s who travel to a 50's B&W TV show via a magical remote control. The brother Bud yearns for the happy days of the 50s and he gets his wish to live there. This fantasy presents Bud, the boy as a nerd that becomes a big hit in 1957 dating a pretty cheerleader and he finally goes back to the real world.. I was always puzzled why Bud (nickname) his real name was David would leave the girl that loved him.

It had a 90ish feel to it. The world of 1957 was very monotone drab and dreary. The colorless people finally attain color near the end, but without capturing the nostalgia of simpler times.



Of all the films, this one movie the most 50s feel to it. Peggy Sue goes to a high school reunion where she faints and is transported back to 1959/1960. She gets to revisit the choices she made in her life. Peggy Sue ends up marrying her cheating husband again. There is an interesting part where she tells a nerdy boy about the future and he ends up becoming a billionaire who invents programs for the microchip "Bill Gates"?

This comedy was a sad little picture, but the period details were spot on. The movie was a lot closer to the 50s than GREASE or any other 50s movie I have seen. It captures the sadness of those happy days and simpler times so long ago. Truly the world seemed a lot brighter back in the 50s.


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